NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE Worldwide Update & Inviting My Hero, Ellen DeGeneres to Join Us!

Five months ago today, I launched the NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE campaign. I’m so excited to share this worldwide video update:

Creating this video brought tears to my eyes – we had to stop filming momentarily so I could regain my composure. Thank you for standing tall and proud with me – helping to prove that courage IS contagious.  

Picking out only a few pictures for the video was nearly impossible, as I cherish each and every photo in the GALLERY. Let’s reach 1,000 campaign photos by Valentine’s Day 2014. 

PLEASE like, tweet & share this video. The more people share it – the greater our chances of reaching my hero, Ellen DeGeneres! 

Join the Campaign – Instructions & Sign here

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Thank you Alex for your expert video production skills! 

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