Over 140 People at Narcolepsy UK Conference 2013 Say NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE

Narcolepsy UK Conference 2013

Guest post by Narcolepsy UK:

Narcolepsy UK held its latest conference in Watford, just outside London, on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 and it was a great success. Our speakers were Dr Cathy Hill, a specialist in sleep disorders in children, the Medical Detection Dogs charity, fiction author Sue Moorcroft and her research into creating a character with narcolepsy and the team behind the video Sleep Paralysis Project, ‘The Devil in The Room’.

However great our speakers are, the greatest impact and positive feedback we get from the charity’s conferences, is from people with narcolepsy meeting each other, sharing experiences and making friends. For many it is their first meeting with someone else with narcolepsy.

We know the importance of knowing you are not alone; in the challenge of daily life, frustrations with medication and associated side effects, the strange and sometimes scary symptoms that people with narcolepsy have. And so, we wanted at add our support to Julie’s NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE campaign. In this photograph, there are more than 140 people with narcolepsy from all over the UK, their families, partners, friends and the trustees and employees of Narcolepsy UK.

NUK logo_300pxAbout Narcolepsy UK:

Narcolepsy UK is a registered charity (England & Wales No: 1144342 / Scotland No: SC043576) that supports people with narcolepsy, their families, carers and others interested in improving their quality of life.

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