Marie Claire Magazine Narcolepsy Article Makes A Difference

On the path to narcolepsy diagnosis, there is an “A-ha!” moment when you find words that accurately describe your experiences. I remember mine perfectly.

For one woman, Valentine Bernard, her A-ha! moment came last October at the grocery store:

“Bernard had no idea what was wrong with her until she came upon the October 2011 issue of Marie Claire magazine while waiting for her mom to finish shopping at Publix.

It was an article buried in the back entitled Eyes Wide Shut that described one woman’s struggle with mystifying bouts of fatigue that shook her.

‘I started crying in the middle of Publix,’ Bernard recalled. ‘Everything I had felt and never knew what it was and no one could tell me.'”

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I am so honored and thrilled to have helped Valentine’s journey.  Thank you, MC Magazine and thank you, Valentine for raising awareness in turn!  

From: “Clinics bring sweet sleep relief,” by Howard Cohen, The Miami Herald, Saturday May, 12, 2012. 
Describing “Eyes Wide Shut,” by Julie Flygare as Told to Sophia Banay Moura, Marie Claire Magazine, October 2011.

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