Live Book Events: Reading Narcolepsy Memoir

This Thursday! Join me for the FIRST-EVER online live reading of Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy! I will go LIVE via my Instagram (@REMRunner) to read the first chapter of my book: Melting, this Thursday May 13th at 8pm ET.

After I read the chapter, I’ll answer any questions you have live about that chapter & share a few fun behind-the-scenes insights and tips for writers and storytellers.  I plan to continue reading a chapter each Thursday at 8pm ET until we finish the book!

Of course, no worries if you cannot join live, I’ll save these to my IGTV so you can watch/listen for free anytime.

Kindle Countdown Deal:

In case you want to follow along or gift the e-book to a loved one, to kick off this new little IG book reading adventure, the e-book/Kindle version is now just $0.99 cents on for ONE WEEK (deal ends next Monday, May 17th & the kindle version returns to usual price of $8.99).

So excited but ready? 

I’m so excited for this that I’ve already practiced reading chapter 1, and will probably practice a few more times by Thursday. I learned from recording the audiobook that READING is an art of its own.

First FUN FACT to share: the audiobook took about 3 x as long to record as the final audiobook, (which is average for an author like me, aka NOT a professional voice actor person). So, it took 2.5 days to record in studio, stopping & starting countless times, as I made mistakes reading my own book.

Also, I “trained” my voice for about 2 months leading up to that studio record, practicing 1-3 hours a day to be able to read for 7 hours straight each day without losing my voice. I hired a coach who helped me, i laughed when he said I needed to practice reading it out loud 1-3 hours a day but he wasn’t kidding… I have narcolepsy, that’s a lot of monotonous reading, so I broke these up into shorter practice sessions throughout the day, with many naps and breaks.

So, am I ready to read this LIVE on IG?! I guess we’ll find out soon. Hope you’ll tune in Thursday & thank you for your continued support!

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