REM Runner’s Top 13 Inspirational Quotes for Living with Chronic Illness

Living with a life-long illness like narcolepsy, feeling of guilt, regret, shame, and self-doubt inevitably creep in. Positive quotes have helped me combat negativity and stay on track towards achieving my goals.

In 2013 , I aim to: “aggressively pursue happiness.”  So, to kick start the new year, I’m sharing my top 13 inspirational quotes, releasing one each day. Enjoy, share and add your favorites!

REM Runner’s Top 13 Inspirational Quotes  #13:

Old thoughts: Yesterday was a failure, so today I will fail too… I’m a failure.  

Any type-A person living with chronic illness knows this stream-of-consciousness. Before narcolepsy, self-criticism motivated me to dig deeper and succeed. Now, that same self-criticism is toxic – zapping my energy and crippling to my spirit.

New thoughts:  STOP! There is no pattern to break. Today is a new day and does not depend whatsoever on yesterday or any other day. This quote reminds me to move on, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day – there’s no cycle to break, nothing to compare to, use this moment to start fresh.


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  2. Holly Twedt on January 15, 2013 at 2:20 am

    How very true totally relate! But I also remember I am a work in progress reaching high to a new level of living not critical of self but accepting of who I am and who I will become on the journey! Not by myself but with the help, love,
    and support of others who are with me on my healing journey!

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