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During my recent visit to Australia, I got to meet Dr. David Cunnington, a sleep doctor in Melbourne. Last fall, I’d “met” Dr. Cunnington virtually when we were both interviewed on the Daily Edition TV program on narcolepsy. He’s one of those unique sleep doctors who is both knowledgeable about narcolepsy and truly CARES about his patients.

sleephub_logoI felt so fortunate to share my inspiring narcolepsy journey with the Australian sleep doctors who attended the physician workshop with Dr. Mignot. Afterward, Dr. Cunnington asked me a few questions for his SleepHub podcast series.

Check out these fun narcolepsy podcasts on Learning how to manage narcolepsy and Supporting people with narcolepsy – what friends and family should know:

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  1. Gino on May 19, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Thank you for these! Along with your book, they have been very helpful for myself and family to understand the condition.

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