Congratulations Winners: Narcolepsy Awareness Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who submitted new NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE photos during the First Birthday Giveaway Contest!

narcoelpsy not alone julie flygare narcoleptic blog narcolepsy awareness campaign giveaway prize winnersI finally just drew the winners:

  • Rayanne in the UK
  • Kellie in Florida
  • Suzy in Australia

Congratulations! I will mail your prize-packs this week with over $60 worth of narcolepsy awareness gear including:

  • 2 new infographic posters (one for you and one to share with your school, library or doctor’s office),
  • 2 signed copies of Wide Awake and Dreaming (one for you and one to share with local school, library or doctor’s office),
  • NNA wristbands, postcards and stickers!

Keep taking photos (simple instructions), let’s show the world that narcolepsy matters. Thank you for your support!



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