CNN Article on My Marathon with Narcolepsy

by julie on April 27, 2017

I’m thrilled to share CNN Health’s feature article Runner: Having narcolepsy is harder than a marathon. This Sleep Awareness Week, please share with your friends and family to raise critical narcolepsy awareness.

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Working with CNN on this piece was particularly meaningful. I first spoke with the reporter, Maria, in January two months before the race after she’d read online about my quest to take on Griffith Park Trail Marathon. On our first call, I could tell Maria was really understanding about the invisible and complex condition. At the end of a wonderful long discussion, she said, “Well, let me know how the marathon goes!”

No pressure or anything… If I wasn’t nervous enough about this grueling race, a major media opportunity now hung in the balance! 😉

As my training continued, I stayed in touch with Maria and after completing the Griffith Park Trail Marathon on March 4, one of the best emails I got to write afterward was to Maria to say “I did it!!” Check out my video and read marathon re-cap!

CNN saved the story to run this week in conjunction with the National Sleep Foundation’s new Sleep Awareness Week this April 23 – 29, 2017. While Project Sleep celebrated early with Sleep in 2017 on March 10-12 at the start of daylight savings time, we now have another opportunity to raise awareness.

Please share this CNN article with friends and family today to raise critical awareness of narcolepsy. Thank you for your support!

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