ZUMBA! Beginner’s Tips

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Just Dance!

I rediscovered Zumba last night and SMILED for one hour straight. I laughed, tripped over my own feet, and sweat profusely. I left the class a happier version of myself. 

I recommend Zumba for anyone that finds the traditional gym workout boring. Just give it a try – maybe you’ll love it, maybe you’ll hate it (you can always walk out 5 minutes into class, no worries). When I started Zumba last year, my big sister sent me her “Beginner’s Tips” – which made all the difference. Thanks, sis!


1. Stand in the middle in the back. Preferably directly behind the teacher or where you can see her in the mirror.

2. Only do the feet until you get it down and it’s effortless. Then add the arms.

3. No one cares if you are just doing your own thing… unless you crash into someone who will probably be nice about it but then badmouth you in the locker room. (I speak from experience here!)

Also, every instructor is a little different so I recommend trying a few to find your favorite! 


  1. Danielle on October 1, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    I love zumba! And burlesque workout. If you can find one of those I highly recommend it. It will make anyone, of any shape, feel sexy. And thats even in a room full of sweaty people wearing gym gear!

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