Women’s Health Virginia Conference: Getting Good ZZZs: Vital Links Between Sleep & Wellness

On May 10th, 2012, Women’s Health Virginia will be holding a day-long conference about “Getting Good ZZZs: Vital Links Between Sleep and Wellness.”    

I would be REM-Running over to the University of Richmond for this conference, except I’ll be out of town that day sadly.

Consider attending this conference to better understand: 

  • The importance of sleep as a public health and individual women and girls’ health matter
  • How sleep affects the physical and mental health of females at different ages and life stages from infancy through adult years
  • Sleep’s links to critical health issues of weight gain, obesity and related health risks
  • The connections between sleep and mental health
  • Strategies for improving sleep
  • Future research, education and practice concerns

Registration is still open. Let me know how it goes! 
Full details: http://www.womenshealthvirginia.org/pages/education.htm

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