“Women You Should Know” Features Narcolepsy Speaker/Author Julie Flygare

I’m so honored to be featured by Women You Should Know in today’s fantastic feature article “You Should Know Someone With Narcolepsy… Her Name Is Julie Flygare“. 

The article states: “When Women You Should Know first came to know of Julie, she was described as, ‘a dynamo Rock Star, who accomplishes everything she does with grace, humility, courage, and strength, all while dealing with the difficulties, the naps, the treatments, the ongoing effects, and stereotypes of narcolepsy.'”(Read more…

Wow, thank you to Carrie (@synchrosk8coach) for nominating me and Jen and the WYSK team (@WomenYSK) for writing this fantastic article! As the founder of Project Sleep, I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to broaden narcolepsy and sleep health awareness. 

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