Why I Love the Jack & Julie Narcolepsy Scholarship

narcolepsy scholarship students college high school seniors education narcolespy awarenessI’m thrilled to share that Project Sleep unveiled the Jack & Julie Narcolepsy Scholarship 2015 to support students with narcolepsy while also fostering awareness of this often misunderstood disorder in high school and collegiate settings. This spring, three high school seniors will be awarded $1,000 toward their college education. Please read FULL application for details.

Last year, the Graham family and I founded the Jack & Julie Narcolepsy Scholarship as the first-ever scholarship for students with narcolepsy, awarding two high school seniors $1,000 each.

Beyond the students who receive these funds, this is an extraordinary opportunity to raise awareness about narcolepsy in our communities.

narcolepsy scholarship application college high school students with narcolepsy diagnosis treatment project sleepLet’s Educate the Educators!

Last year, a woman with narcolepsy forwarded the scholarship announcement to her sister who is a counselor at a high school. Her sister responded, “Thank you, but none of my students have narcolepsy. Wait, I don’t know if any of my students have narcolepsy. Can you send me more information?”

In fact, multiple schools reached out to learn more about the symptoms of narcolepsy. This is a positive non-threatening way to raise awareness in schools.

Please consider printing the Narcolepsy Scholarship Packet and Narcolepsy Facts and delivering them to your local school or library. Thank you!

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