Unveiling the new NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE website!

NARCOLEPSY NOT ALONE PROJECT SLEEP NEW WEBSITE 10I’m so excited to share Project Sleep’s new NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE™ campaign website at: www.narcolepsynotalone.com.

When I started this campaign last year, I never imagined it would become such an empowering international movement. Now, NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE™ is the world’s largest social media narcolepsy awareness campaign – setting a bold new precedent that narcolepsy is not a joke, but a real disorder affecting many children and adults around the world.

In addition to the growing photo gallery of over 1,100 photos, the new website aims to empower patients and supporters with e-cards, fact sheets, resources, gear, and tools to connect to others living with narcolepsy.

Please share the new website and help us show the 3 million people living with narcolepsy that they are not alone— they are part of an international community of people standing tall and proud to build a brighter future for narcolepsy.




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