Raising Narcolepsy Awareness with Holiday Greetings

Mailing Season’s Greetings this December? Introducing REM Runner’s Dreamy Holiday Fun Facts (PDF) designed especially to insert in your holiday cards – if you so desire! Feel free to download, print, photocopy and share. To send more in-depth info, use my Narcolepsy Quick Facts (PDF). 

Around this time last year, my friend and blog follower, Kathleen, contacted me about including my Narcolepsy Quick Fact Sheet with her holiday cards. After including the Quick Facts last year, Kathleen plans to include the Epsworth Sleepiness Scale and information about sleep disorder screenings in her holiday mailing this year!

Have other creative ideas for raising awareness this season? Post a comment! For tips on communicating about narcolepsy during the Holidays, read: The Pause and Nod



  • Every human dreams.
  • Your body becomes paralyzed during dream sleep – likely to prevent you from acting out your dreams.
  • Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder involving the loss of the brain cells regulating the proper sleep/wake/dream cycle.
  • Symptoms of narcolepsy: excessive daytime sleepiness, loss of muscle tone with emotions (cataplexy), vivid hallucinations and the inability to move upon waking.
  • 1 in every 2,000 people have narcolepsy, including many young children.
  • Narcolepsy lasts a lifetime and quality of life compares to epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Having Visions of Sugar Plums?
Interpreting Your Holiday Dreams

  • To dream of seeing or eating candy (like Sugar Plums) symbolizes the joys and the special treats in life.
  • To dream of giving a gift signifies your generosity towards others.
  • To dream of receiving a gift indicates being rewarded for your generosity. Analyze the gift for additional insight.
  • To see a snowflake in your dream represents purity and uniqueness.
  • To ride on a snowmobile in your dream indicates taking advantage of opportunities available while they last.
  • To see Santa Claus in your dream indicates that you need to be more giving or accepting.
  • To dream that Santa Claus is attending your wedding highlights the jolly occasion. (LOL!)

(Source: Dreammoods.com)

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