Presenting at the Southern Sleep Society Meeting 2013

On March 10, 2013,  I had the honor of giving a presentation at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Southern Sleep Society in Dallas, TX. This is my second year in a row speaking at the SSS Meeting, a large gathering of sleep clinicians, researchers and technicians.

The topic of my presentation was “Legal and Employment Ramifications of Daytime Sleepiness” – about educational accommodations, employment accommodations and driving laws. I discussed the basic legal frameworks, key issues and tips for success in each area. My personal experience and patient advocate advice were interwoven to keep things human and “real.”

To be honest, this talk was a bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve perfected my “personal story” presentation which I’ve given many times, including last year’s SSS Meeting.  Although I was well-prepared and confident this year, it was still new territory. I enjoyed every second of it and received many compliments afterward that it was a useful contribution. 

A big thank you to the Southern Sleep Society for including me in their 35th Annual Meeting. I got to attend many fascinating lectures on sleep research advancements. Everyone welcomed me warmly at the conference.

As a special treat, I also got to meet Dena and Dave of RemZzzs! While planning the National Sleep Walk, I became a big fan of RemZzzs, the product and the people behind it. It was great to finally meet RemZzzs team members in person! 



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