People Who Inspire Me: High School Students and Neuroscientists

Today, my inspiration comes from Boston and North Carolina.

In Boston, a female neuroscientist, Nancy is training to run the Boston Marathon for Wake Up Narcolepsy. She researches sleep-disordered breathing, but she’s become aware of narcolepsy.

Nancy states:
“Patients are the reason we as scientists go to work every day… I have run a few marathons before, but recently I have told myself ‘I am too old’ and ‘It’s too hard.’ But that’s not a good attitude… I have decided to focus more on what I ‘can’ do rather than what I can’t- or think I can’t.”

In North Carolina, a Spanish 2 class puts their arms together to support narcolepsy.

Diantha Cavnar is a high school Spanish teacher and the mother of a young girl with narcolepsy. Diantha’s family attended Sleep Walk 2012 in DC and returned to North Carolina with a bag of awareness bracelets. 
In Diantha’s own words:
“5th period Spanish 2 may not be fluent yet, but they sure do know a lot about narcolepsy!”

Thank you, Nancy and Diantha for your courageous efforts! It’s another proud day to be a person with narcolepsy. 🙂


  1. Gail on March 24, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Great photo!!

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