NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE Reaches Everest Base Camp

Grace - Nepal

Please welcome GRACE to the NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE campaign, who took this photo at the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. In her inspiring blog post, she describes her journey as a woman with narcolepsy with cataplexy to reach the Everest Base Camp:

“On paper you might think that a person with a diagnosis of Narcolepsy attempting to trek to Everest Base Camp is an accident waiting to happen. HOWEVER, with a bucket load of determination, a big sense of humor, a positive outlook, and the support from family and friends, I think anything is possible… Everest Base Camp was for me!!”

Grace’s blog is a must-read.

This photo from Nepal also marks the 45th COUNTRY now in the NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE campaign around the world! Thank you so much. View full gallery here.

Grace - Nepal 3

Grace - Nepal 2

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