“The Moment I Knew I Needed More Sleep…” In Response to Arianna Huffington’s Post

Arianna Huffington is my hero.  In a recent post, she shared the story of the moment she realized she needed more sleep and asked, “What was the moment you knew you needed to get more sleep? I want to hear your story.”  Here’s mine:

“The moment I knew I needed more sleep was when I woke up in the parking lot of my law school and couldn’t remember how I got there. I remembered feeling a little sleepy when I left home that morning, but I couldn’t actually see all the pictures in my head of arriving at school or parking my car.  I wanted to so badly to succeed in law school that I was compromising my health, my safety and the safety of others. I realized at that point that I needed help. I found out that I’m one of the 50 to 70 million Americans living with a sleep disorder. Mine is called narcolepsy and no matter how much sleep I got at night, I wasn’t going into the right forms of restorative sleep to allow me to succeed during the day. For so long, I blamed myself. I thought I was lazy or just didn’t have passion anymore. With treatment and eight hours of sleep, I have my life back. I work to raise awareness about sleep disorders. My name is Julie Flygare. Thank you!”

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  1. Sleep Problems on June 18, 2012 at 5:53 am

    Sometimes, a lot of people are taking sleep for granted. Not because we don’t feel sleepy and we can still keep ourselves awake doesn’t mean we can stay awake as long as we want to. Definitely not! Skipping sleep or not getting enough sleep everyday may lead to a very serious situation, health situation that we are not aware of. As early as possible, we should practice proper sleep and rest so every morning we wake up we do not feel tired or sick. There are many benefits of sleep that we don’t know we are missing.

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