Macy Gray Raises Narcolepsy Awareness

“Narcolepsy can be really damaging to your quality of life.” – Macy Gray

Macy Gray recently spoke about narcolepsy in an in-depth interview with HuffPost Live. Macy stated that a close family member has struggled with narcolepsy for many years. “It’s very debilitating,” explained Macy Gray, a world-famous singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.

Our narcolepsy wizard, Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, is also interviewed in this segment, along with his adorable dog with narcolepsy, Bear! Watch the full segment here (narcolepsy conversation starts at 11:45). Shorter narcolepsy segment here.

It is surreal to hear Macy speak from the heart about narcolepsy. I’ve always loved Macy’s unique powerful voice, and in this segment, her tone indicates that she “gets it.” Macy’s compassion for her family member’s experience is moving and a powerful statement towards building a brighter future for narcolepsy, a neurological condition affecting 200,000 Americans and 3 million people worldwide.

Macy Gray recently released an album, Talking Book, and she stars in a new movie called The Paperboy

My book, “Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy” will be published and available this December to open people’s eyes to our little known and misunderstood disorder. Please view my awareness videos here.  

Thank you so much Macy Gray, Dr. Mignot, Bear, Janet Varney and HuffPost Live!

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