Lightly Wrapped

This holiday season,
 be gentle with yourself and others. 

Take naps. Smile freely. Dance under the lights.

A few pics from my Zoolights adventure (it’s wild; it’s free!). Also, I may be the last person on earth to discover Instagram, but I love it more than anyone else.  Zoolights runs through Jan. 1st. I highly recommend the kettlecorn popcorn. 

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that warm the heart. 

In closing, my inspiration comes in from chilly Canada today:

“Officially started training for 2012 Boston Marathon for Wake Up Narcolepsy, which is why I ran 5 miles today in the freezing cold temperature of -9 degrees F. I came in covered in icicles because I forgot to pack my warmer running pants. My legs were two icicles. Worth every step!” 

– Monica (Wake Up Narcolepsy‘s dedicated co-founder and runner extraordinaire) Thank you Monica for your sheer bravery and strength on behalf of people with narcolepsy.

Wishing everyone restful and dreamy holidays!
REM Runner

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