Julie Flygare’s Memoir Highlighted in Caring Voice Community Magazine

An excerpt from my upcoming narcolepsy memoir, “Wide Awake and Dreaming” is featured in Caring Voice Community Magazine’s Fall 2012 edition

Also, please check out my accompanying column, “Writing Therapy: How the act of writing can relieve the heaviest of burdens,” where I explore the challenges and benefits of writing about narcolepsy. I open the article stating: “If you sit down to write a memoir, bring Kleenex. Tears will come.Read more here.

Caring Voice Community Magazine is a quarterly publication of Caring Voice Coalition. I highly recommend this magazine to all those in the narcolepsy community.

Exciting opportunity: For the upcoming issue, the magazine is looking to let patients tell their story, from their point of view. If you are interested in being featured in their upcoming “In Your Words” issue, email magazine@caringvoice.org. 

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