Meet Collin and Conner – An Amazing Friendship

Collin & Friend MS

Conner and Collin

Meet Collin and Conner, two friends in the 5th grade in Columbus, Mississippi. I’ve always loved thier NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE photo, but recently learned about the friendship behind the smiles.

Collin with his family

Collin with his family.

Collin was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy at age 8. Despite the challenges he faces, Collin has stayed active as a student and athlete. He loves baseball, reading and playing Xbox. Collin also has a wonderful sense of humor. He manages his narcolepsy with medication and naps throughout the day.

Conner has been there for Collin through it all.The boys are on the same baseball team and have been in the same class for the past 3 years. Conner helps catch him up in class when he naps and misses things.  He also looks out for him when others make fun of him for sleeping. Collin is NOT ALONE in his Narcolepsy with love and support from this cool kid.

This friendship is what NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE is all about. Thank you to Collin and Conner for sharing their friendship with us.

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