Celebrating 5 Years of Narcolepsy Advocacy

julie flygare narcolepsy spokesperson rem runner blog narcolepsy commercial narcoleptic blogThis week marks five years as a narcolepsy advocate. When I published my first REM Runner blog post, I “came out” publicly after two years of hush-hush. I didn’t know where this would lead me, but every fiber in me ached to speak up and make change.

quotes-creativity-robert-bresson-600x411Once I began,  I watched myself devote time and energy I didn’t know I had. The momentum was incredible. It’s been exhilarating, exhausting, serendipitous, lonely, empowering, maddening and meaningful beyond words. I dare say, I’ve accomplished more in these five years than I ever imagined for my lifetime.

Famous-Quotes-and-Sayings-about-Being-Honest-–-Honesty-–-Having-Integrity-Real-integrity-is-doing-the-right-thing-knowing-that-nobodys-going-to-know-whether-you-did-it-or-notA few thoughts for young advocates:

  • I started from scratch and you can too. Don’t listen to nay-sayers and dream-squashers.
  • For every success, I’ve had two let-downs. Keep going. 
  • You cannot please everyone. You must please yourself. Live with integrity and without jealousy.

Highlights from the past year:

Looking forward to the year ahead:994441_606371962813407_3729613464686578270_n

  • My keynote presentation in Australia. Excited to meet my Aussie friends!
  • Building Project Sleep’s fantastic momentum – including the SLEEP WALK event series.
  • Making time for myself – yoga, running and relaxation.

I am so thankful for each and every supporter and reader. To those that have been following since the beginning, you hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for making the last five – the best five!


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