Care About Research? Urge New Congress to Support Sleep & Sleep Disorders Today

Friends in the U.S., if you care about narcolepsy research (or any other area of sleep and sleep disorders research), you can play an important role in ensuring that this research is supported by our federal government. While private fundraising for research is wonderful and important too, private fundraising cannot replace the need for federal funding. These two sources work together, but one cannot magically replace the need for the other. This is why advocacy is an important part of the solution.

If you can volunteer 10 minutes this week to help support the researchers who support us,  please take action using the simple instructions below. You’ll also feel empowered educating your members of Congress about sleep issues. Deadline is quickly approaching, this Friday, Feb. 15.


With the recent start of the 116th U.S. Congress, this is a critical time to reach out to your members of Congress to introduce yourself and share why sleep and sleep disorders are important. Your legislators will be eager to hear about your experience and our Welcome to Congress letter invites them to take action to support sleep research and awareness.


  1. Use [enter your zip code] and [pick your state] to get the contact information for your House Representative’s and Senators’ DC offices (202) numbers.

  2. Call DC office, identify yourself as a constituent, ask if you can please have the email address for the “Health Legislative Assistant.”

  3. E-mail the “Health Legislative Assistant” with a personal note (example below) and IMPORTANT: attach the Welcome to Congress letter. 

  4. Let us know you participated! Complete this quick form. 


Draft Email:

Dear [Health Legislative Assistant Name],

As a constituent and an advocate for the sleep and sleep disorders community, I ask you to please see the attached Welcome to Congress letter. Moving forward, I hope your office will continue to support meaningful funding increases for medical research programs and further enhance the emerging research portfolio in forgotten sleep disorders.

[insert your brief personal story]

Thank you for your time and your consideration of this information.

[Your Name]
[Your Address, City, State and Zipcode]

Attachment: Welcome to Congress Letter


If you have questions or run into trouble reaching your legislators’ Health Legislative Assistants, please contact Dane and Julie for assistance at: and DEADLINE: Friday, Feb. 15, 2019.

Thank you for standing bravely for all those facing sleep-related conditions!

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