The Daze Before the Dream

by julie on October 18, 2017

This isn’t your average nap. Living with narcolepsy, my brain demands to go into R.E.M./dream sleep during the day. Pressure builds and I know it’s THAT time for my brain to do its thing. I get up from my cubicle & head out to my car, hoping not to run into anyone I know along the way because my propensity to have cataplexy is also building strong at the same time … and interacting w/ friends could cause me to stumble or fall.

My car is always strategically parked in the spot w/ the most privacy and shade possible. I roll down the windows, recline my seat and close my eyes — my brain switches over into its active R.E.M. turbulence for 15-20 minutes. (Without #narcolepsy, you would not usually go into R.E.M. sleep during naps.) So while this looks like peaceful or relaxing “napping”, it’s a bizarre and active experience.

Before medication, I spent my life drowning in R.E.M. dream sleep and I feel lucky that I only have to dunk in its waves once or twice a day now. Narcolepsy affects my daily life in other ways too, but this is one of the ways.

Learn more about the excessive daytime sleepiness of narcolepsy.

Watch a video here.

Photo from today’s nap – 10/17/17.

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