Watch Now: Narcolepsy PSA Created with Honda Before TV Airing

I’m thrilled to share the narcolepsy public service announcement (PSA) created in collaboration with Honda. It was a huge honor to serve as a real voice and face of narcolepsy in this 30-second PSA, to air on TV in the next month. View here:

Project Sleep’s Press Release:

Bad Narcolepsy Joke Turns Honda into Awareness Partner

After putting the brakes on offensive ad, Honda works with narcolepsy community to produce PSA promoting awareness of the disorder

LOS ANGELES — Honda Motor Co. has released the public service announcement (PSA) below about narcolepsy, a neurological sleep disorder. This follows Honda’s removal of a commercial featuring an offensive stereotype about narcolepsy in June. After that debacle, Honda reached out to Julie Flygare, narcolepsy spokesperson and Founder of Project Sleep, to create a PSA that corrects misconceptions perpetuated by inaccurate portrayals of the disorder in the media. The 30-second PSA, which will air both on television and online, features Flygare describing the actual symptoms faced by the 3 million real people worldwide living with narcolepsy. Read more.

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  2. Anna on December 3, 2014 at 2:14 am

    Thank you for all of your work in advocating for us. I remember showering and listening to the Honda ad on my shower radio and thinking, “Great! Just what we need — more insulting and inaccurate stereotypes about narcolepsy.” But as always, I immediately questioned myself on whether I’m being “too sensitive” about the topic. Would a car manufacturer poke fun at other chronic illnesses? Narcolepsy might be one of the last conditions that society considers to be an acceptable one to joke about. I can’t wait until people realize that just like anything else, unless you yourself have narcolepsy, it’s not funny when you crack jokes about it.

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