Presenting Unite Narcolepsy’s Webinar on Communication & Advocacy

Please join me for Unite Narcolepsy’s Webinar 3, “Harmony: Putting Your Best Voice Forward” this Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Register here. I will co-lead with Kim McCleary.

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Communicating about narcolepsy can be overwhelming. Where to begin? What to highlight? But have no fear, Unite Narcolepsy is here! Nothing excites me more than fine-tuning communication skills and changing people’s perceptions of narcolepsy. 

Webinar Description – Whether it’s barbershop or blues, when vocalists bring their unique sound into harmony with others, it’s magic. The same is true of advocacy. We’ll review the purpose of the FDA’s invitation for patient testimony and cover best practices for communication and advocacy in this and other policy settings. The tools we’ll cover can be applied to advocacy within the healthcare system, appropriate educational settings and more. Registration Link: 

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