Things I love: Powerful Poetry

Tears on my face
by: Elizabeth Olsen

Tears on my face,
No place to go
Mind stuck in time,
Body out of control.
Burning inside
A feeling I died
Things that are not there
Sounds I can share
Hope is fleeting
Time defeating
Who would dare
A battle unfair
Light traps the dream
I can not scream
My heart pounds
Sweat forms
Cast out
Thoughts scattered
No energy
What the hell is wrong with me?

 About the poet, Elizabeth Olsen: 

Elizabeth lives in Grants Pass Oregon and is a single mother of two ADHD boys while dealing with C.N.S. Hypersomulance. She loves to read and crosstitch and has two dogs, three cats, fish that breed like rabbits and what ever her kids bring home from the yard. During the summer she loves to work in the garden and when her body lets her, she rearranges the furniture. After her diagnosis she had to give up the job of my dreams, but now her goal is to educate and help any that she can no matter the issue. Her favorite saying is “just get along.”

REM Runner’s note:

Reading Elizabeth’s poem, “Tears on my face,” brought me to tears. So few words, yet I was taken on her journey. Thank you, Elizabeth for telling it like it is and sharing your voice with us! 

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