Teaching Class at Stanford Medical School

stanford-med-school-class-narcolepsy-julie-flygareRecently, I got to teach the Engage & Empower Me class at Stanford Medical School. I shared my story of narcolepsy and founding Project Sleep to make sleep cool, then the students conducted a design-thinking challenge on promoting healthy sleep habits for college students.

stanford-med-school-class-narcolepsy-julie-flygare-2The students came up with AWESOME project concepts. Also they taught me a new term – “FOMO” which stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”. FOMO was identified as one of the barriers to healthy sleep habits for college students. So true for people with narcolepsy too.

stanford-medicine-x-julie-flygareI also got to visit the Stanford Medicine X headquarters, the AIM lab and got to briefly see my friends on the MedX staff! Wish I could’ve stayed longer but headed back to Los Angeles first thing the next morning so I wouldn’t miss too much work at my day job.

Huge thank you to Drs. Kyra Bobinet and Larry Chu for inviting me to teach this class with them! It was a huge honor and joy!


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