Ready for Awareness? World Narcolepsy Day 2020 is one month away!

Less than one month until World Narcolepsy Day on Sept. 22, 2020, and I cannot wait for this second annual day dedicated to raising narcolepsy awareness on a global scale. World Narcolepsy Day 2020 is co-led by 26 non-profit patient advocacy organizations on six continents around the world. See all the orgs listed here.

Last year,  you raised narcolepsy awareness from Finland to Australia, Kenya to Argentina, Canada to Japan, and many places in between!

World Narcolepsy Day 2020

Of course, 2020 hasn’t been the year anyone expected, and in-person events are unlikely. However, in a year marked by isolation and calls for social justice —the importance of fostering community and celebrating our diverse international community is more important than ever.

Take Action Today! 

First things first, the two things I’d ask you to do today are:

  1. Order your official Project Sleep World Narcolepsy Day t-shirts by Sept. 5th to get your shirt by Sept. 22nd in the USA.
  2. Participate in our new CLOUD campaign sharing your message and taking photos for socials! (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WorldNarcolepsyDay and tag: @project_sleep in posts so we can see and re-share.)


New Awareness Tools

In addition, Project Sleep has new infographics, Spanish-language resources and a Facebook profile frame. Soon we will unveil our schedule of (online) activities for September leading up to World Narcolepsy Day on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd. Check out our webpage and stay tuned for announcements!

Use New Narcolepsy Gifs on your FB and IG Stories!

We developed some awesome new narcolepsy gifs that you can use on your Instagram and Facebook stories. 



Thank you to the 26 organizations around the world co-leading this day alongside Project Sleep. Each will celebrate World Narcolepsy Day and we cannot wait to cheer for their efforts too!

A huge thank you to Project Sleep’s World Narcolepsy Day 2020 volunteer committee for developing and implementing our organization’s communications plan. This has been a “dream team” effort and I’m so so grateful to everyone who is giving precious time, energy and spoons to raise awareness. I truly believe that together, we are building a brighter future!

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