Presenting the Patient Perspective at Social Media for Pharma Conference

On May 15, 2013, I had the honor of presenting “The Patient Perspective” at the Social Media for Pharma Conference in Princeton, NJ. The conference theme intrigued me, with the many FDA regulations surrounding how pharma companies can interact with patients. I learned a lot and met some awesome innovative thinkers at the conference. 

I spoke about:

  • Why and when patients go online
  • Patients connecting with other patients via forums and social media
  • Patients connecting with health professionals online 
  • Health and medical apps
  • Opportunities and cautions for pharma engaging with patients online

My major take-away points:

  • Patients and supporters are empowering themselves online and making meaningful connections.
  • Social media is people talking with people – companies using social media should have a personal touch.


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