Patient Advocacy at Public Relations & Communications Summit 2014

IMG_8616After my book-signing event in NYC, I shared my patient leader perspective at the Public Relations and Communications Summit in New Jersey on July 14, 2014. IMG_8689

Our patient panel was led by Bob Brooks of WEGO Health and I was honored to share the stage with Michael Fernandez, an inspiring award-winning Migraine Health Activist and author of While there to speak, I learned SO much from the other speakers. I especially enjoyed Gil Bashe’s presentation “Cutting Through The Noise and Breaking Out Creatively in a Risk-Averse Industry”.

“Do we have the courage to make a difference in people’s lives?” -Gil Bashe


I learned that health apps have an average of 500 downloads. My Narcolepsy Advocacy App has 800 downloads! Wow.

The intersection of social media and healthcare gets me fired up. I enjoyed sharing my efforts and discussing meaningful ways to bridge the gap between patients and other stakeholders like doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Interestingly, much of the conference agenda focused on how best to help patients, yet there were few patients in the room. I was proud to help represent this invaluable central perspective.

I hope additional conference organizers will add more patient presenters to the discussion, so we can continue to learn from each other!IMG_8657 IMG_8643 IMG_8687

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