One Year Ago: Living the Fullest Expression of My Dreams

One year ago, I texted my best friend: “I’m going to quit my job now. Please don’t let me become homeless.” She reassured me I’d be okay.

So, I stepped into my boss’ office with legs shaking, and jumped out into the most surreal section of my professional life.

Feb 12th will officially mark one year as President & CEO of Project Sleep. While not every day is a breezy success and I still have a lot to learn, I get to wake up every single day to serve the cause closest to my heart (without also working another full-time job and without the 2.5 hours of driving daily).

“A complete life is a life lived in participation of this inner vision of oneself and also extending it to another.”  Dhyan Vimal

Perhaps the most surreal part of this past year has been leading the incredible crew of Rising Voices of Narcolepsy advocates, watching them gain strength and confidence before my eyes.

When they thank me, I find myself looking around the room for the REAL adult, the person they should be thanking, because I feel equally thankful and still sort of like an enthusiastic kid playing grown up.

I am forever grateful to each of you for giving me your TRUST and for believing in this movement. Your support shines in many forms — in fundraising, donating, and participating in our action alerts, programs and events. I want you to know I don’t take one ounce of your trust and support for granted.

I will continue to work my butt off to make you proud and to make progress through powerful awareness and advocacy efforts — because this is the only way I know how to say thanks. And this is just me, a girl lucky enough to be living out the fullest expression of my love, vision and dreams.

Photo above by: Michelle Zagardo

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