Narcolepsy Featured in The Pink Sheet Publication

I’m excited to share, “Narcolepsy Patients Hope FDA Attention Will Spur Drug Research, Shed Misperceptions” by Brenda Sandburg, The Pink Sheet, May 13, 2013. [View/Download PDF]

This great article describes narcolepsy’s inclusion in FDA’s Patient Focused Drug Development Iniative. Thank you Ms. Sandburg and the Pink Sheet for featuring narcolepsy in your publication!

For more posts about the FDA Initiative, click here.


  1. Susyana suwadie on September 5, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Keep in touch with your updates Julie….thanks so much. I do hope there will be a bright future to solve narcolepsy . I really wish my son can recover. He is too young to get this trouble and he has so many dreams to be reached.
    Take care and thanks so much….

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