Things I Love: EatSleepPlay at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

EatSleepPlay: Building Health Every Day” is an innovative exhibition at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan with over 70 interactive exhibits. This huge arts installation engages children (and adults) towards making healthy decisions in nutrition, sleep and active play.  

As reported by the New York Times:
The “Sleep” section illustrates all the functions the body performs during nonwaking hours while zeroing in on more choices. Small children can press buttons for poor bedtime options like “video games” and “TV in bedroom” and see Sleep Stealers — green fabric monsters — inflate. Older children may challenge themselves at a foosball table; one side is labeled “sleep deprived” and the other “well rested.” It’s rigged. “We made it so the sleep-deprived team will usually lose,” Ms. Martin said. 

Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Dr. Judith Owens, served as an expert in designing the sleep section. BRAVO and THANK YOU, to Dr. Owens and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan team that created EatSleepPlay. This is a huge step forward for sleep education in America.

Please visit the exhibition and let me know your thoughts!

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