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On Nov. 1, I kicked off the “Dear Diagnosis” Blogathon – inviting fellow narcolepsy and chronic disease bloggers to write a letter to themselves on their diagnosis day. So far, I’ve collected 47 inspiring, courageous and beautifully-written letters. (Read here.)

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In launching this blogathon, I had no grand expectations. I am blown away by the results.

Research suggest that writing about stressful events can improve emotional and physical health. A fascinating CNN article explains that “prolonged emotional stress can weaken the immune system, promote heart disease, and worse the course of arthritis, asthma and many other diseases.”  One study conducted by James Pennebaker, Ph.D. showed that college students who wrote about stressful events had more active Tlymphocyte cells, an indication of immune system stimulation.

Dear Diagnosis Blogathon 8Researcher Joshua Smith, Ph.D. describes, “Putting traumatic memories into words can help erase turmoil and defuse the danger. Writing gives you a sense of control and a sense of understanding. To write about a stressful event, you have to break it down into little pieces, and suddenly it seems more manageable.”

I also didn’t realize that I, Julie Flygare, needed to read the letters of others, for my own healing and journey forward. Your messages of self-acceptance and healthy tips are lessons worth revisiting time and time again. 

Thank you to my “Dear Diagnosis” Blogathon participants and readers! I’ve included just a few short quotes here, but this doesn’t do all these letters justice. Each and every letter is enlightening. Start reading here.  

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