Guest Post: Dear Brave Super Sweet Jennifer

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Guest post by Jennifer in response to the “Dear Diagnosis” Blogathon prompt. Read more letters and join us here.
Dear Brave, Super Sweet Jennifer,
Your journey with Narcolepsy includes some super seriously hard issues like, harmful feelings of seclusion, the effects of isolation, crying yourself to sleep, being constantly misunderstood, questioning your abilities, justification of such, blaming, a combination of some seriously harsh self-judgements and outside judgements and honestly so much more, but what I know will help you most is this…
Along with all that crazy bad stuff this Narcolepsy journey is totally ultimately going to make you the super sweet uniquely beautiful YOU that you are! AND…you will experience some of the best of the best…here’s a brief preview.
*You get the pleasure of having amazing relationships with your family members.  They become your support group, encouraging you and understanding you- even when they have to put up with the crazy ups and downs.Yea for family!* 
*You develop this super deep personal relationship with God that is the saving grace for all those secret tears, feelings of seclusion, frustrations and misunderstandings.  He is your ROCK. Pretty sweet, right?! 
*You will be invited to live in Charlestown, SC thanks to the hook up from your bro. Good times!* Your worries about not being capable of living on your own are slightly eased! 
*You will be encouraged to take a leap of faith and get a job as a summer art camp counselor in a different state, on your own…LIFE GAME CHANGER!  Why? Because you will meet your bestest friend who actually knows what it is like to cope with a chronic health disorder that is life changing along with about 5 other creative people that will teach you SO MUCH.  This is the best summer ever, because you get to do what you LOVE…art, teach kids and you do an amazing job! You get to experience again what it is like to have true friends after many years of feeling alone (outside of your ridiculously unconditionally loving family members). These friends are lifers!*  
*Because of your inability to drive long distances (which usually will depress you) it actually will create an opportunity to have a long road trip with a super cool and amazing guy that inspires and motivates you to pursue a creative life. Plus, you stay awake the entire time (8hrs) out of pure excitement and joy in riding in the car with such a stellar guy! You will brag about this wide awake trip for a long time. It also broadens your self trust in driving. You will value this special friendship as he will seem to show up when it is most needed.
*You will get to be an AUNT!*  That’s right!  And what’s really cool about this is that you get to experience what it is like to seriously care for a baby when your sis has to go back to work.  You’re pretty good! Get ready to nap a lot with some of the cutest babies EVER! You also get the privilege of watching your sister and her husband grow into remarkable parents. This is such a crazy amazing experience that creates a small nugget of hope that one day it may be possible to take care of your own children. A big boost for your abilities.
*You will learn the importance of self-education and how to ask for and seek help because you finally begin to accept your Narcolepsy. You will feel empowered by researching different therapies that exist and also relieved to find out YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  There are actually other people who have insanely similar “life with Narcolepsy” experiences. You also will begin to think about your entire wellness, health and spirituality.

*You will truly feel amazing when your good friend encourages you to move out of state completely on your own…and guess what? YOU DO IT!* That’s right!  You’re own apartment, health insurance, jobs, life, etc.  She is such a huge part of you really believing that you can do anything! 

*You will meet this guy out of the blue and that totally surprises you!  He is mind-blowingly amazing! He helps you feel super special, ALWAYS makes you SMILE the biggest smiles ever and most importantly he gives you reason you believe that you are enough, just as you are…Narcolepsy and all, which is extremely empowering. He knows how to motivate you without being bossy and you will begin to learn so much more about this Narcolepsy thing, your own strengths and weaknesses. What is truly special about this guy is that somehow he makes you realize that you must fully accept yourself and really love yourself. Your friendship will make you finally tackle full acceptance of your beautiful self and take responsibility for your own health. Be patient. It will be a process. 
So brave, sweet girl, I know it hurts, feels weird, seems lonely, but you will eventually learn you have not been alone AT all and that you have always been the super sweet uniquely beautiful YOU!* You will see.
Keep that chin up!


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