The 4th Annual Sleepy Pumpkin Patch 2013

Happy Halloween! Join my 4th annual Sleepy Pumpkin Patch by creating your own SLEEPY PUMPKIN. Be creative – anything sleep or dream related goes! Send a photo of your pumpkin to: by October 31st.  Don’t feel like carving? No problem, you can always draw a picture or cartoon to submit.

Thank you to Sarah and John in Ohio for sharing their NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE pumpkin:

not alone pumpkin

not alone pumpkin 2

Wishing everyone a festive and fun halloween! 

View “Mr. Punk-n-Snooze”, “The Big Yawn” and other sleepy-head pumpkins of years past: 

Sleepy Pumpkin Patch 2012

Sleepy Pumpkin Patch 2011

Sleepy Pumpkin Patch 2010

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