Supporting a Friend With Narcolepsy

by julie on August 8, 2014

If your friend or loved one was diagnosed with narcolepsy, you may wonder the best way show support. You want to help your friend through this difficult time, but it can be hard to know what to say or do. While there are no set rules for supporting a friend with narcolepsy, I hope these […]


“I wanted to ensure her that I love her and would support her through anything.” -Kevin Gonzales REM Runner’s Note: This is a story of love. I was thrilled to learn about the Dream Big Concert and even more thrilled to hear Kevin and Megan’s journey toward creating this event. I asked Kevin to write a […]


Unsupportive Friends and Family Members

by julie on January 9, 2013

We ALL have them. So what do we do about them? My advice is two-fold: 1. You can invite your narcolepsy non-supporter to a sleep doctor’s appointment, local support group, or Narcolepsy Network Conference.  You can also suggest my videos or my book (shameless plug 😉 )! Ultimately, you may not be able to get through to […]