Nap Shame. I’ve got it. Do you?

by julie on February 13, 2016

In this short audio clip, I explore my feelings of shame and embarrassment around taking a nap at work. (Also available here) Do you have nap shame or are you an empowered napper? I want to hear your thoughts!


Viral Narcolepsy with Cataplexy Video

by julie on October 22, 2014

A video of a young woman with narcolepsy and cataplexy has gone viral. Watch below or on YouTube. This is a powerful video and I am grateful to Sarah Elizabeth for bravely sharing her experience! Sarah Elizabeth is primarily experiencing a narcolepsy symptom called cataplexy here. Cataplexy is a sudden loss of muscle tone, resulting in […]


I’m excited to release my second narcolepsy awareness video, shot at the 2012 Narcolepsy Network (NN) Annual Conference in Cleveland, OH. Thank you for all those who attended my sessions! In this video, I re-cap my conference experience and offer a few strategies for communicating about the excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) of narcolepsy.  Watch below […]


Every day, at least once, but usually twice, my head gets heavy, as if a weight sits on my skull, and I know, right then, that sleep is coming. If I don’t put my head down immediately, the heaviness only gets heavier. My joints begin to ache and a wave of nausea comes over me. […]


I’m thrilled to share my guest blog post, “Notes on Narcolepsy: Part 3 – From the Patient’s Perspective,” on Psychology Today’s “The Land of Nod” Blog by Dr. Shelby Harris. Dr. Harris is a friend, a clinical psychologist and the Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at Montefiore Medical Center. For this post, she asked me to […]