Canadian Narcolepsy Research Opportunity

by julie on February 5, 2021

🇨🇦 Canadian Friends!   There is a very cool research study underway in Montreal led by top international narcolepsy researchers, currently looking for people with narcolepsy type 1, narcolepsy type 2, and idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) to participate. Studying brain profiles of narcolepsy type 1, type 2 and IH Description: To better understand the brain of […]


A fascinating article on asks: “What’s the most dangerous word in the world?” Turns out, “NO” is the most dangerous word in the world. Why? Because brains and bodies react quickly to negativity. Even a frown releases stress chemicals into our brains and the brains of those around us. “Curiously, we seem to be hardwired to […]