narcolepsy poetry

A Narco’s Tale: A Poem by Maureen Caden

by julie on June 27, 2013

I was diagnosed in 2003  and like many of us went through many years  with unanswered fears. I knew I was not lazy  as some days became rather hazy.  I would will myself to stay awake  I didn’t even have time to bake a cake.  For sleep time would come  This thing had me under […]


I feel like a princess locked in a tower. My Narcolepsy is my dragon guard. My weight loss is the lava moat that makes me cower more. My evil witch is merely my medicine, At first we didn’t see the harm, For it had a magic disguise to seem so beautiful. My poison apple of my […]


Things I love: Powerful Poetry

by julie on November 8, 2012

Tears on my faceby: Elizabeth Olsen Tears on my face,No place to go Mind stuck in time, Body out of control. Burning inside A feeling I died Things that are not there Sounds I can share Hope is fleeting Time defeating Who would dare A battle unfair Light traps the dream I can not scream […]