Overcoming Adversity

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There are many comedic portrayals of narcolepsy in the media – “Mr. Bean”, “Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo” and “Moulin Rouge” – these films feature characters with narcolepsy who fall asleep while standing and the audience gets a quick laugh. Yet as a law student diagnosed with narcolepsy at age 24, I’d never fallen asleep while standing. [...]

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your dream doesn't have an expiraiton date take a deep breath and try again kt witten inspirational quote julie flyagre narcolepsy blogger

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date.Take a deep breath and try again.”-KT Witten About a year ago, one of my best friends, Gail added this quote (IN ALL CAPS) to her email signature. I smiled cause I love inspirational quotes. But then something odd happened – over the past year, I watched Gail make [...]

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I’m so honored to be featured by Women You Should Know in today’s fantastic feature article “You Should Know Someone With Narcolepsy… Her Name Is Julie Flygare”.  The article states: “When Women You Should Know first came to know of Julie, she was described as, ‘a dynamo Rock Star, who accomplishes everything she does with grace, humility, courage, and strength, [...]


School Accommodations for Narcolepsy

by julie on March 30, 2014

school accommodations naroclepsy julie flygare narcolepsy blog author speaker memoir narcolepsy

I compiled this list directly quoting people with narcolepsy and their family members who reported on accommodations received for narcolepsy during education (from grade school to graduate school). I’ve broken the accommodations into categories. Every student with narcolepsy is different. Every school is different. What works best for your student may be a creative combination [...]


narcolepsy 504 plan for student narcolepsy high school tips parents diana brooks

REM Runner’s Note: Diana is the mother of Danielle Brooks – an amazing, artistic and athletic young woman with narcolepsy who created www.succeedingwithnarcolepsy.com. In this guest post, Diana offers insightful tips for navigating the school accommodations process and helping your student with narcolepsy succeed.  Diana’s Guest Post: 1. You must be an advocate for your child. No [...]

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most of the important things in the world accomplished by people who kept trying when there seemed no hope inspirational quote julie flygare narcolepsy spokesperson author speaker

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” -Dale Carnegie For years, my book was a long-shot in the dark. I worked toward this goal without knowing if/when I would “succeed”. I faced skepticism and unforeseen [...]


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 Thank you to everyone who tuned in today for my international narcolepsy broadcast! If you missed it, watch on YouTube or below: Friends all over the US and around the world in Canada, Europe and Australia watched live! Thank you for your incredible support. Happy Suddenly Sleepy Saturday!


i love sleep my life has the tendency to fall apart when im awake hemingway inspiring quote national sleep awareness week julie flygare project sleep

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”-Ernest Hemingway Happy Sleep Week! It’s National Sleep Awareness Week (March 2-9, 2014). This week, you can sleep in and wear your pajamas to work. Tell them I gave you permission!  ;-) Inspirational Quote #6: Inspirational Quote #7: Inspirational Quote #8: Inspirational Quote [...]

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We may be RARE but we've got ROAR julie flygare narcolepsy spokesperson rare disease day 2014 global genes

“We may be RARE, but we’ve got ROAR.”-Julie Flygare Yes, I’m (awkwardly) quoting myself today. Happy Rare Disease Day! The rare disease community is a huge source of inspiration to me. Many struggles I thought were “only narcolepsy”, are quite universal for rare disease patients.  We have difficulty finding proper diagnosis. We have limited treatment options, which [...]

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inspirational quotes julie flygare the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”-Apple Computers Thank you to my dear friend, Sunny Dietra in Florida for sending me this quote! 8-) Inspirational Quote #9 Inspirational Quote #10 Inspirational Quote #11 Inspirational Quote #12 Inspirational Quote #13 Check back for more quotes soon!