Mt Washington Road Race

The Summer 2012 edition of Community Magazine is out and hotter than ever! I really enjoyed writing the cover story and working with Caring Voice Coalition’s team – they are passionate about patients! Check out my feature narcolepsy article, “In Sickness and In Health” pg. 16-19:  [issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120627200108-e7727450584c4c56af6093c6d21d4463 name=cvc_summer2012 username=rocketpop tag=cvc unit=px v=2] […]


To Fly: Running Mt Washington Road Race

by julie on June 20, 2012

I started this journey with a broken heart; I felt lost and alone without my Dad. I wanted so badly to re-connect with him on the mountain. While training, I faced fears and trampled over my comfort zone many times. I gained support from people near and far. By race day, my heart was filled with love […]


Mt Washington Road Race 2012 Video

by julie on June 18, 2012

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Here’s a short video re-capping my quest to honor my dad in the Mount Washington Road Race 2012 while living with narcolepsy.   Music: “We Can” by Jesse Ruben. This song helped me up the mountain. The artist generously gave me permission to use it in my video, so […]


Today’s Portsmouth Herald features an article about my quest to honor my dad, Tom Flygare by running Mt Washington Road Race on Saturday while living with narcolepsy with cataplexy. Read: “Flygare to run Mt Washington race in honor of her dad,” by Charles McMahon, Portsmouth Herald, June 15, 2012. Please consider supporting my quest here. Packing for my […]


With one week until I take on “one of the most grueling road races in the world,”  I must admit, I entered this race blindly. My heart said “Yes!” before my body and brain weighed in. I wanted to honor my father on Father’s Day weekend. When I began training, I realized this mountain was a bit […]


There are many ways to climb Mount Washington.  Let’s start with the best:  #1. BY CAMEL:Meet Josh, the first Camel to reach the summit of Mt. Washington! On July 8, 2009, Josh and his entourage left the base at 3:00am to begin the 7.6-mile trek to the summit. Accompanying Josh were two horses named Kid and Mariah, […]


Quit It To Win It

by julie on May 25, 2012

I QUIT! In less than one mile. I felt more exhausted than after finishing the Boston Marathon. How could this be? I was scheduled for one of my hardest training workouts for MWRR, yet I was truly running on empty.   Oddly, this was not an episode of EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness) associated with narcolepsy, I’d […]


The Silver Lining

by julie on May 22, 2012

“The next time you encounter fear, consider yourself lucky.This is where the courage comes in. Usually we think that brave people have no fear. The truth is that they are intimate with fear.” -Pema Chödrön  Today is one of my final hard training days before I take on “one of the most grueling road races in […]


Hello, my name is NOT G.I. Jane.

by julie on May 11, 2012

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you.All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.” -Richard Bach  “I don’t wanna run.  I don’t wanna climb. I’m sick of fighting. I’m exhausted.” These thoughts cross my mind daily.  I do not wake […]


The View From Dreamworld

by julie on May 4, 2012

Did you know that the boundaries between dreaming and consciousness are broken down in the brains of people with narcolepsy? I experience my night dreams as real as reality. So during the day, I chase down my life dreams. Current dreams I’m chasing: the steepest road race in America and my memoir. Is it selfish […]