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Recently, I traveled to Atlanta to speak at the Hypersomnia Conference 2015. The conference featured a great variety of support groups and fantastic presentations by medical leaders, educational experts, patient advocates and a disabilities attorney. Uniquely, the conference also included hypersomnia, narcolepsy and KLS speakers and attendees, so we could share and learn from each […]

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homer simpson narcolepsy

It seems that Hollywood has a surprisingly large percentage of cases of narcolepsy, a disorder affecting 1 in 2,000 people, about 200,000 Americans and 3 million people worldwide, including many children and young adults. The latest Hollywood victim is Homer Simpson. Word on the street is he going to discover he has narcolepsy in the […]


Watch: Disruptive Innovations Interview on Narcolepsy, FDA & Project Sleep

I’m thrilled to share my Disruptive Innovations interview with the Conference Forum’s Exec. Director, Valerie Bowling. This fun discussion on narcolepsy, FDA and Project Sleep was filmed before my speech at the TCF’s Disruptive Innovations Conference in Boston, MA on Sept. 11, 2014. Thank you so much to Valerie and the Conference Forum’s team for […]


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Thank you to everyone who submitted new NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE photos during the First Birthday Giveaway Contest! I finally just drew the winners: Rayanne in the UK Kellie in Florida Suzy in Australia Congratulations! I will mail your prize-packs this week with over $60 worth of narcolepsy awareness gear including: 2 new infographic posters (one for you and […]


Sleep took me hostage…

by julie on June 20, 2014

julie flygare wide awake and dreaming narcolepsy memoir auhtor speaker toastwriters toastmasters

On Sunday, sleep took me hostage at the exact moment I was to leave to give a big speech at Toastmasters. I woke up with absolutely no time to prepare and ran out the door with Alex buttoning my blouse for me cause I didn’t even notice it wasn’t buttoned. Frantic, I drove 5 miles […]


book signing

There are many comedic portrayals of narcolepsy in the media – “Mr. Bean”, “Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo” and “Moulin Rouge” – these films feature characters with narcolepsy who fall asleep while standing and the audience gets a quick laugh. Yet as a law student diagnosed with narcolepsy at age 24, I’d never fallen asleep while standing. […]

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Wide Awake and Dreaming: Celebrating One Year

by julie on December 16, 2013


One year ago, I published my memoir. I set out to change perceptions of narcolepsy and I believe my book is accomplishing that goal. There hasn’t been one defining moment when I knew writing this book was worth it. Instead it’s been a collection of quiet moments – emails, hugs, letters, tweets, and heart-felt “thanks […]


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Six years ago today, I celebrated my 24th birthday on a boat cruise with amazing friends and an over-sized sparkly feathered tiara. We drank, sang, and danced the night away. The next day, I couldn’t walk. I spent the day on the couch, sleeping on and off with spasms of muscle tone – terrified by […]


Meeting My Hero, Dr. Oliver Sacks

by julie on July 20, 2013

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“Writing is better than morphine.” -Dr. Oliver Sacks This week, I had the opportunity to attend a book event with Dr. Oliver Sacks at Sixth & I in Washington, DC. Dr. Sacks discussed his recent book, Hallucinations – which includes a chapter on narcolepsy’s hypnagogic hallucinations.  Dr. Sacks explained, “Hallucinations are high-jacking your perceptual system… You […]


Julie Flygare Featured in BC LAW Magazine

by julie on July 17, 2013

julie flygare boston college law school magazine

BC Law Magazine is currently featuring my story! READ HERE. The profile piece includes a excerpt from my memoir – fighting sleepiness in my first year property class. There’s also a nice article about my narcolepsy advocacy work.  I’m not your typical law school grad, so BC Law Magazine sharing my alternative journey means more than […]