Finding a Cure

One of my biggest takeaways from the APSS 2018 SLEEP Meeting last month was the great amount of drug development underway for narcolepsy! Below is a list of some of the emerging treatments “abuzz” at #SLEEP2018. These are at various stages in development, and it’s hard to predict how quickly each will advance to (hopefully) gain […]


Recently, Science reported that Science Translational Medicine (STM), retracted an important study in their December 18, 2013 journal by Dr. Emmanuel Mignot of Stanford that explained the first steps in our understanding of narcolepsy as an autoimmune disorder. In his study, Dr. Mignot had found that T cells were primed to attack hypocretin. Hypocretin are the brain […]

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Narcolepsy is an Autoimmune Disorder

by julie on December 22, 2013

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Narcolepsy Finding Retracted but Autoimmune Theory and Epidemiological Association to Influenza/H1N1 Vaccine Remain Strong A recent study confirms that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disorder. Dr. Elizabeth Mellins and Dr. Emmanuel Mignot of Stanford University’s Center for Narcolepsy have discovered a specific group of  “CD4+ T Cells” that target hypocretin and are only found […]


I’m excited to share, “Narcolepsy Patients Hope FDA Attention Will Spur Drug Research, Shed Misperceptions” by Brenda Sandburg, The Pink Sheet, May 13, 2013. [View/Download PDF] This great article describes narcolepsy’s inclusion in FDA’s Patient Focused Drug Development Iniative. Thank you Ms. Sandburg and the Pink Sheet for featuring narcolepsy in your publication! For more posts about […]

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I’m thrilled to announce that NARCOLEPSY has been selected for FDA’s Patient-focused Drug Development Initiative (PFDDI).  Narcolepsy has been selected as one of the initial 12 disease areas for individual evaluation to be addressed in FY 2013 – FY 2015. We did it!   I testified in person and led the campaign for online comments. […]


Recently, I was a guest on Forward Motion with Karen Allyn (MCM Channel 21). Re-cap and fun photos here. The video is now online! Watch here or on YouTube. Thank you for checking out my interview! Big thanks to Karen Allyn and the Forward Motion team.


At age five, Makenna was a healthy bright child in Kindergarten, with a great sense of humor and a charming magnetic personality. Under the Weather:In February 2011, Makenna came down with pneumonia. She was very sick and admitted to the Children’s Hospital for IV Antibiotics. She recovered from the infection, but never got her strength […]


What causes narcolepsy? I wasn’t born with narcolepsy but developed it in my late teens to early 20’s. Evidence continues to suggest that influenza A (including H1N1) and other winter airway infections play a significant role in narcolepsy onset. However, the role of H1N1 vaccination is a different story, suggests a recent study led by […]


What do people with insomnia and people with narcolepsy have in common? Trick question! I don’t know, but we may be coming closer to an answer. In the late 90’s, narcolepsy researchers made a significant breakthrough in successfully identifying the brain cells, called hypocretin (or orexin), that go missing in those that develop narcolepsy.  These […]


A Science Project Worth Running For

by julie on April 14, 2010

With just less than a week to go before the big day, I’m proud to report that I’ve exceeded my fundraising goal of raising $5,000 towards narcolepsy research! Thank you so much your generous contributions. I’d like to share some exciting news about the important research that will be supported with this money. Well, there’s […]