Book Club Features Wide Awake and Dreaming

by julie on April 23, 2013

This April, the Non-Fiction Book Club of Great Falls and Herndon, VA  featured Wide Awake and Dreaming as their  book of the month! I had the honor of attending their book club meeting last weekend. Before the meeting, I was very nervous. What if they didn’t like my book? 

Our hosts, Linda and Brett prepared a delicious spread of food and homemade sangria. After socializing, we began our discussion.

The book club members asked great questions about my process as a writer. It was so fun to share stories and hear in-person feedback – as writing can be a lonely experience.


No one in this book club has narcolepsy, yet everyone found parallels to their life experiences. I enjoyed hearing what resonated with each individual – as they take on unique challenges in their lives. 

Thank you so much to Linda and Brett for hosting such an incredible meeting. Thank you to the Non-Fiction Book Club of Great Falls and Herndon, VA and Gail Pean for choosing my book and providing great feedback. I will cherish this day forever

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